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How to go fishing with Guide at Cyprus?

Just 3 easy steps!


Book a tour

You can make it easily: just connest me via pfone call, E-mail letter, Social messagers or fill the form below!
We will agree the time, place and price!


We meet and go fishing

I meet you and we go fishing at my car or together with your transport.
If it is necessory - I will give you all tackles.

Video: my offroad car

We get positive emotions!

Bass fishing - every time it is unforgettable experience and emotions!
Even hard fishing can give you a positive charge for long time!

Gallery with my guests


Important questions. Short and clear answers

How much does the tour cost?

Cost will vary depends on many factors: the time of trip, the road and etc.

Standart price per person - from 99€!

Of course, if my guests wants to make an exclusive trip for far mountain dam - it will be more expensive. 

But i'm sure, we will agree in any case!

From wich cities you can book a tour Cyprus

You can book your tour from almost all Cyprus territory. Expept Polis and Pomos cities, cause the are situated far away from Pafos.

From Agia Napa we mostly go at Dipotamos, Lefkara, Kalavasos and Klirou dams.

From Larnaka - the same dams.

If you live at Pafos - we will fish at Asprocremmkos, Kannaviou, Euretu dams. 

From Lemessos - Kurious, Kalavassos, Asprocremmos dams.

For Nicossia - Clirou, Tamassos, Xiliatos, Palihoria, Lefkara, Dipotamos, Kalavassos dams.

How many people the trip is for?

Fishing trip may be Individual.

Or for small group. 

Maximum peoples per tour - 4 persons

How to book a tour?

For successful booking you can connect me directly:

Via E-mail: Maver205@mail.ru

By phone (Viber, WhatsApp): +35799850818

At Facebook Messenger.

Write me at Instagram.

Or fill the form at this page below.

We will agree on a date and time.

Important: necessarily tell me the people quantity, ages and fishing experience!

What the fishing tour includes?

My basic Cyprus Bass Fishing tour includes:

  • 4 hour "pure" fishing at dam, transer to fishing place and back to your living place.
  • Tackle (rods, lines) and lures for fishing
  • Cyprus Bass Fishing instrutions, colsultation, and fishing learning.

And, of course, photos, video and nice time at beatiful Cypus nature places!

How to choose wear and what to take with you?


  • Comfortable shoes, tracking or hining boots is recommended for walking at rocky slopes at Cyprus dams. 
  • Headwear, shirt for sun protection, durable pants for walking at strong Cyprus bushes. Sunscreen.
  • Absolutely necessary - drinking water!
What dams will we fish on?

At Cyprus we  have more than 25 dams, where are the bass can be fished. 

Some of  places are well-known and popular. Some are "secret".

Mostly we will visit some of this dams:

Asprocremmkos, Clirou, Dipotamos, Euretou, Kalavasos, Kannaviou, Kurious, Lefkara, Palihoria, Tamassos, Xiliatos.

Cyprus Bass Guide. Since 2009

Pro Guiding since 2009

Free speaking at three languages: English, Greece, Russian.

My guests — skulled fishermen and beginners from different countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, Italy, Baltic region and Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and etc.

True offroad car — 4×4 Pickup. 

Modern hi-class fishing tackle and accessories.

Helping to beginners with my own YouTube channel and blog publications.

Main aim — happy fisherman, my guest!

Continuos excange of experience and knowlege with local and international experts in bass fishing.

Monitoring of fishing conditions at Cyprus Dams.

Why you should walk, when we can move by car?

Why you should pay a great price for rent an offorad 4×4 car, if I have it and we can use my transport?

And of course, we can move to place, which most of other fishermen can’t reach!

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    How to reach a good fishing spot at Cyprus?

    First — by car. After — go on your foot!

    I know local reservoirs, trails and roads. It is necessery to make a road to fishing place fast and easy, as possible at all!

    And my offroad car — can save you a money, time and even health!

    Look this movie, even at russian language all clear!


    Toyota HiLux 4x4


    Three basic instrustions

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